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The objective of this project is to maintain a myriad of SQL Server scripts that will help you get familiarized with many SQL Server features and some details of how SQL Server works. With the evolution of the project, I also expect to put useful scripts that can be used in your daily job.

So why this project was created? During the last years working with SQL Server I wrote a ton of scripts, as a Premier Field Engineer and currently as a developer evangelist at Brazil, and learned that many of the problems related to SQL Server and companion applications are mainly due to misuse of the product. So I strongly believe that sharing the scripts with the community will enable you to better understand how the product works and learn about the new features of SQL Server 2008 and further versions, making easier to companies/people adopt quicker to new versions.

This project will be maintained by me, but if you have a nice script that want to share with the community, feel free to contact me. I’ll review your script and, if it’s a nice and useful one, I’ll be glad to publish it including your name as the author.

I’m waiting for your feedback, hope you enjoy the scripts and learn a lot from it.

Luciano Caixeta Moreira

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